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Tap Tap Tap On Your iPhone, Get A Rugby Shirt

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Forget even going into stores anymore to buy your clothing, if iPhone apps continue to proliferate. The most recent addition to the cadre of iPhone apps where you can buy what you create is Rugby by Ralph Lauren, whose "Make You Own" app and interactive window displays debuted last week.

Simply step up the touchscreen window at their Greenwich Village store at 99 University Place and 12th Street, tap to pick your basic shirt style, size, and decorations, and then you have the choice of either buying it, emailing it, or posting it to Facebook, natch. PSFK reminds us that Rugby has had these same such windows before, back in 2006 at Polo stores, but now they've got the iPhone component to help sales.

You can download the Rugby app simply enough from the iTunes app store here, and it's free?don't worry. The shirts however aren't so free, with them averaging $130. What's even kind of creepy is the ability to upload a photo of yourself and customize the on-screen model so that you can virtually try it on.

So is this a cool, web 2.0-friendly idea, or is Ralph Lauren Rugby just trying to make an extra buck while appearing "with it?" Would you download the app out of curiosity, and what are the chances you actually go through with the purchase? Let us know in the comments!
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