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RackedWire: Vivienne Westwood's Puppy Pants; Original Penguin's Soho Pop-Up

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LONDON—Vivienne Westwood's latest London Fashion Week collection was inspired by the 19th century pioneer. While most of the looks resembled some sort of prairie girl with a rock 'n roll vibe, one piece in particular really caught everyone's eye: A model walked down the runway in an oversized check shirt and skinny, cropped trousers, holding a dog. Or so one would think. The dog was actually nestled into the model's pants. In a pocket. WomensWearDaily captured the reaction best: "Editors look bewildered at the Westwood show as a model sports pants with a puppy pouch. A terrified looking white pooch is popping out." It's not just the dog that throws us off (it is awful cute), but it's the principle of the thing. While the pooch may be cute, any extra pouch in that region is certainly not. What say you: Is this a faux paw?—Phillip Picardi [WWD; Twitter]

SOHO—Remember that Original Penguin store at 103 Greene Street we were speculating about? It turns out to be a pop-up shop carrying menswear alongside a small collection of clothing for women. The shop, one of fourteen pop-ups Penguin is opening around the world, will stick around Soho until the end of the year. [RackedWire; Previously]