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Burberry Heads Into The Social Media Trenches

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At 1:30pm EST tomorrow (6:30pm London time), Burberry will make a huge leap into the virtual world when they simulcast their Burberry Prorsum runway show live from London Fashion Week at Usually shown in Paris, the collection is coming home for the 25th Anniversary of LFW, and that's not all Burberry is celebrating this season.

In fact they've recently jumped into Twitter and Facebook, brining their staunchly British brand up to date. But really kicking Burberry up a notch in the online world will be their own social media site, "Art of the Trench," which launches soon and will encourage customers and fans of the brand to upload pictures of themselves sporting a classic Burberry trenchcoat.

Will it become like a "Hot or Not?" site sprinkled with nova check? If all 670,000+ of Burberry's Facebook fans subscribe to it, then Art of the Trench has all the potential to be a preppy dating and style destination; heaven knows it's already popular among honeymooning couples in Asia to wear matching head-to-toe Burberry.
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