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Not All It's Croc'd Up To Be?

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In news that will surprise approximately no one, Topshop tells us that the alligator dress is the best-selling item in the just-launched Christopher Kane collection. The whole line seems to be getting a lot of love, but we did find one dissenter in our comments section. She writes: "I went to Top Shop to buy the Croc Tee but I couldn't get myself to pay $90 for it. I've paid $90 for a tee before but this one....A) Was shaped like a cheap $2 box t-shirt. B) The Hillbilly part that turned me off the most—the sleeves are CUT out and NOT sewn around the edges of the armpits. Come on, just a little seam around the armpits so it doesn't look like I cut it myself." [RackedWire; Previously]


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