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Falling Models and Puking Interns at 3.1 Phillip Lim

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The 3.1 Phillip Lim show was one of our favorites last week, so it pains us to read this account of the Thursday evening repeat for special AmEx customers, which, um, didn't go so well. First, a model wiped out. Then, during the finale, she fell again. And again. And again, until finally she didn't get up. Eventually another model helped her off the runway. Meanwhile, this happened:

When we first sat down (in the front row, directly across from André and Linda Fargo), a woman took her spot next to us and began blathering about free cocktails and her internship. "I'm so drunk right now. I've been drinking since, like, seven," she said, and then asked us to move over so that her friend could share her seat...Just as the show began, the intern vomited into her hands. Rather than rush out, she whispered her profuse apologies, and watched the entire show covered in ... well, you get the point.
We always thought the vomiting intern was an urban legend, but apparently it's one of those myths rooted in truth. At least Lim can be proud that he designed a collection so compelling, even drunk interns couldn't tear themselves away.
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