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Fashion Week Foreword: Bryant Park Pitches A Tent

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With Fashion Week rapidly approaching and the city bearing down for it, Bryant Park is becoming a tent city and Fifth Avenue is getting windexed like every other hour. Join us, won't you, in Fashion Week Foreword as we share glimpses of the city blossoming under the stress of Fashion Week preparation.

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the clean white vinyl of the Fashion Week tents in Bryant Park? Well, for the next few days as the tents are constructed, the whole city is privy to a view, and we swung by last night.

The main entrance tent above the Bryant Park fountains is thus far the only one boasting any sort of structure, and even after the side walls and awesome travel theme are added, what you see above won't get too much fancier. This tent must accommodate a large crowd during show times, so very little will be added in terms of decoration or seating. It's a well-known fact that fashionistas in tottering heels must either bring extra band-aids, or suck it up and sit on the fountain (or on a photographer's lap).

Now throw in a few Mercedes-Benz cars (they are an IMG Fashion Week sponsor), some vendor booths which don't sell anything but allow you to gawk at pretty things like Judith Ripka jewelry, and a sea of harried scenesters, and voila: The Tent is complete.

We'll be keeping watch throughout the rest of the week as the rest of the Bryant Park tents rise, as well as sneaking around other delicious Fashion Week staple venues, so stay tuned.
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