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In The Window: Prada Gets Its Hair Did

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How do you feel about mannequins sporting wigs? Or taking it even further, how about mannequins sporting wigs artfully sculpted into 'dos straight from the runway? Prada on Fifth Avenue is obviously all about presenting the full Fall/Winter 2009 look, as last night they coiffed up their single plastic girl with the crimped, teased, and generally knotty-looking piece to match the ad behind.

Wigs in windows, for the most part, are unnecessary and like Dior's straight blonde locks on East 57th Street, are kind of distracting from the clothing. This Prada one however, is all about complimenting the look. Does it succeed? Will this be the hairstyle you ask of the Bumble & bumble technicians come Fashion's Night Out? The world wants, needs to know.
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