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RackedWire: Drama Filmed Entirely in Unwitting Ikea; Seize sur Vingt Moving to Soho

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IKEA Heights from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

BURBANK, CA—Finally, a group of actors have answered the age-old question "Is it possible to film a soap opera in an Ikea without the store noticing?" Above is the first episode of "Ikea Heights," which you can also find on the online TV series site Channel 101. We feel like they might be able to pull off an entire season before Ikea figures out what's going on. [Laughing Squid via Buzzfeed]

NOLITA—Seize sur Vingt has long been an Elizabeth Street fixture, with two shops on the same block between Houston and Prince. Now, though, the bespoke shirt-makers are moving to Soho proper. Come October, they'll be in a space on Greene Street between Spring and Broome that's big enough for both stores. Expect some kind of sale on clothing and furniture, details TBD. [RackedWire]