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Collabs: Christopher Kane Hits Topshop

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Christopher Kane for Topshop launched today, taking over the front of the store and booting Kate Moss to the back. The place didn't seem that crowded when we stopped by around lunchtime, but we did notice a sign forbidding customers from buying more than five pieces, and from buying more than one of each item. It also decreed that all purchased pieces must be the same size—clearly, the store is worried about eBay sales.

The line is full of statement pieces, each enough to add some dazzle to your wardrobe and a dent to your wallet. Every piece is highly embellished. Grommets and circular studs appeared on almost every item, except two with large beads and the much-discussed alligator dress. The lowest-priced item was a pair of $90 studded biker shorts (even mirrored bloomers were $135). There was also two or three different equally embellished handbags and some high-rise heels (which were either $260 or $360).

The collection was mostly black with a few pops of hot pink, neon yellow and a subdued pewter. Aside from the alligator dress, we thought the two biggest standouts were a corset, and an above-the-knee dress with a corset-inspired top. A personal favorite was a short-sleeved lace with that loved mirror-and-circle-stud detail (it must also be Kane's favorite, because at $310, it was the most expensive dress thee). A beautiful union between disco-girl and biker chic, Christopher Kane for Topshop is quite impressive, even if one might have to wait until the items go on sale to bedazzle her wardrobe.—Lauren Frankfort
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