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From The Tabloids To The Runway This Fashion Week

Dupre photo via <a href="">Thread</a>; Jesus Luz and Amber Rose images via Getty/imaxtree/<a href="
Dupre photo via Thread; Jesus Luz and Amber Rose images via Getty/imaxtree/

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Being an in-demand runway model is a full-time profession, and so is being a celebrity that's a favorite of the tabloids. However, these last few days during Fashion Week we've seen a line crossed when such celebs attempt to shake their little tushies on the catwalk.

First up was Madonna's boy toy Jesus Luz, who is an actual model but not exactly ubiquitous on the runways. He walked Sunday's Y-3 show wearing only one look, which you can see in our gallery from the show here.

And even though we spotted Kanye's girl toy Amber Rose seated front row at the Nicole Miller show, she herself walked in the Celestino show, a small label which no doubt booked her for the guaranteed publicity. She may be a new Ford model, but girl can't work the wedding dress look. Wrong choice big time.

Finally?thus far, since we still have 1.5 days left of Fashion Week?was notorious prostitute Ashley Alexandra Dupre, who walked as a "warrior princess" in the eco-friendly Bahar Shahpar show. We would have never guessed that this was the girl who brought former Governor Spitzer to his knees; the makeup (and perhaps stress?) makes her look ten or more years older than she is. To see what we mean, here's another view.

While it's hardy the first time celebrities have taken to the runway?we just read in The Daily how Ivana Trump used to model in Dennis Basso's show, for instance?this week has been quite the time for reality show starspotting and C-list guests. We suppose that eventually some of those C-listers would end up modeling too.
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