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Hangover Observations: Out at the Box

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It seems the entire city—or at least the fashion folks and the club set—was abuzz (and in line) for the Out magazine party last night at the Box, the infamous Downtown den of sin. Free booze! Exclusive venue (well, it used to be)! And a performance by pop/gay icon flavor of the month Lady Gaga! Well, we talked our way in, drank very dry Veuve and very sweet rum and ginger beer concoctions, and tried not to get trampled by the hordes in their Fashion Week best (which, in many cases involved men in sequins and heavy over-accessorizing). Lady Gaga was a no show—or maybe just very late—but we did see Ugly Betty's Michael Urie and Lizzy Grubman. More importantly we were able to track down Joe, our favorite bathroom attendant ever—and savior of many lost and tragic nights at the Box ? He's moved on to the Gates but his equally charming son, Joe Jr., has taken over. Rejoice!