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Dennis Basso's Fur Protest Much Grosser Than Carolina Herrera's

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We knew that if protesters came out to challenge Carolina Herrera, who didn't even use fur in her spring 2010 show, that they'd definitely be back for king of skins Dennis Basso. Actually, Basso is so loathed that he got two groups out on the street: NYC Animal Rights and PETA. The former replaced their blood-covered, mask-wearing drag queen with a guy (the same one?) dressed in a skinned animal costume and accompanied by someone in a skeleton mask, while a more subdued PETA representative in Alice & Olivia for Payless wedge boots handed out animal rights DVDs starring Eva Mendes. Two things odd about this: Has anyone ever typed the words "more subdued PETA representative" before? And also, we're almost entirely sure those boots have leather soles.
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