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On The Runway: Custo Barcelona Fails On So Many Levels

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After a long weekend of show after show after show, it seems that last night's 8pm Custo Barcelona runway was the one to skip, as plenty of empty seats were eagerly snatched up by those waiting in the wings. Unfortunately, we were one of those who decided to show up, and after some serious seating drama (more on that later), the Custo collection for Spring/Summer 2010 reminded us why Custo is a mall store and why we will never go to Ibiza.

There are hundreds of shows during NY Fashion Week, and although we only cover something like forty of them, we simply can't love?or even like?them all. So we will get the best and worst out of the way right now: The worst of the show was realizing that Custo designs clothing to distract from the person wearing it; it's clothing that's so loud and mixed-media, you wouldn't even notice if the wearer is butt ugly. The best of the show was appreciating that Custo used a huge variety of models; all ethnicities and looks for an equal opportunity cast of girls and guys.

Since the runway lighting was horrific for the crowd's experience?as in, a spotlight would hit the model once she was about 1/4 of the way down, and leave her once she returned up other side, and everything else was pitch black dark, which had even the models squinting?our photos did not turn out.

We gave up early on photos and concentrated on taking in the show and jotting down our impressions onto paper. Others took to Twitter, where the Custo collection was called "amazing," "HOT! HOT! HOT!," and "vacation perfect." Were we at the same fashion show?

Here are some of our jottings, from the same show indeed:
? The most fabulous, most gay Euro male wouldn't wear this stuff. Okay maybe a T-shirt if it was free.
? Grandma's robes and muu-muus re-imagined, in a fabric that Lanvin used years ago
? Clothing for a cocaine binge in your friend's friend's sugar daddy's condo on Ibiza.
? Like Matthew Williamson's H&M collab on crack. And Bacardi.
? Does a single crop top need feathers and sequins and crazy colors and beadwork and some unidentifiable dangling fringe-y stuff?

On top of it all, we were submitted to a marathon of some 70-ish looks, at each of which the burly guys in neon tank tops next to us would bounce their legs up and down in excitement, shaking the whole row. Oh yea?lest we forget to name the celebrities attending?it was Kenan Thompson from SNL/MadTV. That's all we saw, even though Tinsley Mortimer (who won't be caught dead in Custo), Estelle (who'll go to the opening of an envelope), and Mark Indelicato of Ugly Betty were there.

Now it's not like we didn't know what we were getting into; we've been into Custo Barcelona stores before, but we went into the show with a completely open mind and left questioning why Custo would even hold a show in the main Tent at Bryant Park. The answer is simple: Ego, the money to pull it off, and it looks good for the brand.

Our verdict? Pointless shitshow.
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