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Carolina Herrera Brings Out the Protesters

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When we arrived at the tents today, a skinny blond woman in a white dress handed us a flier. We glanced at it, expecting it to promote a new lipstick or a diet energy drink, and instead found a picture of a cute baby fox and captions like "TRAPPED" and "SKINNED ALIVE." The animal rights people had returned to the tents. Not all of them were so stealthy: Directly in front of the entrance was a man wearing a snouted mask and a white dress covered with fake blood and carrying a sign that said "Carolina Herrera stole my baby." Curiously, the group wasn't PETA, but NYC Animal Rights, a local organization which regularly protests events that promote fur. Inside, security was extra-tight; a tipster reports that the guards checked her bags, perhaps looking for water balloons filled with red paint, or at least more pamphlets.
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