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Offsite: Cynthia Rowley's Show Of Slighting

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We really wish we could tell you all about the runway show for Cynthia Rowley's Spring/Summer 2010 collection, but alas we could not see it. Sure, we were there, and sure, we had an invitation and arrived early. However, Rowley's people are one of the few who apparently do not read blogs and thus we were relegated to standing room, behind some 6-foot-plus people drinking fragile flutes of champagne and without cameras or notebooks.

In order to get the above shots, we held our camera overhead and watched the show through the LCD screen. Sad, and here we had loved the venue?Gotham Hall's dramatic atrium?and the pageantry?everything was draped in dropcloths and before the models began walking, a white cloth dropped from above to cover the runway. Being unable to see a show however completely ruins enjoying it and pretty much negates even attending. At least we caught a few alright snapshots.

This isn't the first time we've been slighted by Rowley. Last season, when it was freezing outside and horrible windy, the line for Rowley's show was made to wait along the West Side Highway on the sidewalk at the The Jane Hotel. Again we were holding standing tickets, and the show reached capacity before any standing could be admitted. Therefore, we had wasted almost two hours and cab fare to the far west side only to stand, freeze, and be frustrated in the middle of a packed schedule.

That's two strikes, Cynthia Rowley. You know what happens after three.
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