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Liveblogging the Shows: Christian Siriano

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In an effort to make reading Racked as much like being in the tents as humanly possible, we'll be liveblogging the shows all week, from the suspense of waiting in line (will the seats be any good?) to the drama of the runway (will anyone stumble?) to the post-show euphoria. This time around: fierceness from Christian Siriano.

Show Location: Bryant Park, The Promenade
The skinny: Christian Siriano returns to Bryant Park's tents after his Project Runway win for a full show in the second-largest venue. Inspiration: The Mediterranean. Shoes are a preview of his S/S 2010 collection for Payless.
Celebs spotted: Tori Spelling, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Alessandra Ambrosio, Giuliana Rancic, NYT's Bill Cunningham, Kat DeLuna, Veronica Webb, Mena Suvari, Kelly Rowland, Katrina Bowden, Genevieve Jones, Leigh Lezark, Geordan Nicols, Melody Thornton, Amerie. Christian's boyfriend Brad Walsh.
The takeaway: Whoa. Fierce-ness. Christian sure lives up to his motto with this show, which brought everything from cream power suits with a feminine elegance to gowns like moving water to fiery oranges on his infamous tiers of ruffles. He demonstrates that dressing a woman to be sexy and confidant does not necessitate skintight, revealing clothing. We agree.

Applause began during his first gown, and continued through the final few following. Woots when he appeared at the end, and although the shoes look positively sadistic (masochistic if you're wearing them, we suppose), they added extra power to a collection that was already so strong. Damn, we say. Damn.

3:57pm: I think Teyana Taylor is here. And Miss J for real.

3:58pm: People are trying to sneak in full cocktails. Bouncers keep saying "No drinks inside please."

4:06pm: And we're in! Glad we came early—it's a madhouse out there.

4:08pm: A partial list of names on the front row seats: Kat DeLuna, Brad Walsh, Veronica Webb, Tori Spelling, Alessandra Ambrosio, Tim Gunn, Mena Suvari, Kelly Rowland, Katrina Bowden, Genevieve Jones, Leigh Lezark, Geordan Nicols, Melody Thornton, Amerie

4:10pm: I am next to two, like, seven-year-olds. Thing is, they're in seats for Style Network and E.

4:14pm: First Sartorialist sighting of Fashion Week! He's sitting second row.

4:16pm: Brad Walsh is greeting friends. Another front row seat: Bill Cunningham.

4:18pm: Why is this show full of children? There are seriously 12-year-olds here in flannel shirts and jeans.

4:19pm: There is a dude here trying VERY hard to look exactly like Kanye on the cover of his 808s album.

4:20pm: Only first two rows get swag.

4:22pm: Giuliana Rancic is here in like 7" heels. Alessandra Ambrosio is in a green brocade mini-dress—or is it gold? Hard to tell under all the flashes.

4:25pm: Based on the program of collection looks, this will be like 90% silk. The new spring Payless collection will be shown too.

4:26pm: Tori Spelling arrives. She was at his last show too.

4:28pm: So far this show has the most TV celebs. For obvious reasons.

4:31pm: The seven-year-olds have glitter on their faces. Fashion Week chief Fern Mallis is posing with Tori Spelling. A girl just opened up the Vivienne Tam laptop in fourth row. It's all happening so fast!

4:37pm: The front row is now fully stocked with all expected names, including Tim Gunn. It's starting any second.

4:39pm: The plastic's coming up. It's a very wide runway.

4:40pm: And we're off!

4:41pm: Wow, very luxe. Cream suits, floppy hats.

4:42pm: Payless can't sell heels this high. They're like sharp talons.

4:46pm: The mint green of last season has now gone bluer.

4:47pm: Models are walking very slowly. Oh man, full body suit!

4:51pm: Applause for two huge gowns.

4:52pm: One of the models just took off her shoes. Like we said: We don't see these at Payless.