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Offsite: Luca Luca's Slightly Tweaked Classics

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Despite yesterday's tsunami, Luca Luca showed in the middle of Chelsea. Not too many recognizable faces were present save Nicky Hilton. (We did hear that Estelle would be there, but didn't spot her.) It took us forever to get into the show, but we kept busy watching staffers spend over an hour trying to hang a Luca Luca banner.

When the show finally started, the pieces stuck to simple silhouettes and a repetitive color palette of royal blue, hot pink, and a bright yellow, with some softer tones and black and white mixed in. The one graphic print we saw reminded us of the soft ones used in the Twinkle show hours earlier. Ruffles flooded the runway, layered in a handkerchief style on many long gowns, short dresses, and blouses and paired at times with small pleats. Many looks also sported a single shoulder strap. Overall, the line was feminine, wearable, sleek and sophisticated, with subtle but crafty innovation.—Lauren Frankfort
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