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Offsite: At Leifsdottir, Gorgeous Accessories and an ANTM Winner

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Walking into the Leifsdottir presentation felt like entering a fanciful garden party. White bird cages with real birds inside filled the room; beautiful chairs and a big white fountain made it feel like we were in old world India. We felt like an elephant was about to enter any moment, or like a hot air balloon should have been circling above. The models—including former America's Next Top Model contestent Danielle—carried parasols and vintage binoculars through which they peered into the birdcages.

The clothes reflected the theme a subdued version of a traditional Indian color scheme. Navy blue, hot pink, bright yellow, soft lime green, white and many other rich but feminine colors completed the palette. It all felt very Anthropologie, yet there were nice little twists on the pieces such as a flower decal, or an interestingly placed zipper. All of the clothes were also very body conscious, with fun and flirty prints—nicely cut, flattering and beautiful. The most intriguing part of the collection, though, might have been the accessories: Elaborate headpieces filled with leaves and dragonflies, a thick gold rope necklace, spectactular gold beaded pumps.—Lauren Frankfort
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