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Milking It: Jeremy Laing's Easy Edge

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Two hours before Christian Siriano's claw heels stormed Bryant Park, the equally young and bespectacled Canadian up-and-comer Jeremy Laing showed his spring 2010 collection at Milk Studios. The presentation began in an empty room high above the High Line, where we found white screens, bright lights, and several white-painted industrial-looking columns, but no models. Eventually they marched in and arranged themselves in a nook created by the screens, causing a sort of psychological experiment in fashion show etiquette: Who would be first to walk up and start photographing them?

As the on-lookers got more and more bold, the models began breaking formation. Show staff started grabbing select girls, pulling them out of the nook, and photographing them one by one. Occasionally, a make-up artist would start dusting a model's knees as we all watched. The result was a glorious melee of models and editors and photographers and stylists, with the walls between audience and show thoroughly demolished.

Enough about the stagecraft, though: Let's discuss the clothes. They were gorgeous. Laing has always been sort of effortlessly experimental, but this collection beautifully balanced timeliness (sheer leggings, lots of jackets) with edginess (complicatedly draped lapels, exposed seams) in a fresh but thoroughly accessible color palette of white, peach and sage. We think this collection will sell, and we suspect the women who buy pieces from it will feel incredibly cool all spring long.
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