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Offsite: Julie Haus's Vintage Circus

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At Julie Haus's pop-up shop at 93 Mercer Street last night, the designer showed a series of dresses, shorts and trousers in soft fabrics and a subtle palette designed to give the impression that the models had stepped out of a silent film. It was a marked departure from the sunny blue, red and lemon collection she put out at this time last year. The Spring 2010 collection was inspired by Charlie Chaplin and the idea of making people laugh at a time of hardship.

The clothes had tuxedo shapes and silhouettes meant to evoke vintage acrobats and the cast of Chaplin's The Circus, which was projected on the wall. Single-chained, double-pull zippers emulated the look of pocket watches. The silk dresses, shorts and trousers swished when the models walked and had a tendency to turn translucent in the spotlight. The show was styled by Elle's Kate Lanphear and included boyish flats and some little brimless hats worn at a jaunty angle.
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