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Fashion's Night Out: When Anna Went to Queens

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The Fashion's Night Out kickoff at the Macy's in the Queen's Center Mall began last night with Terry Lundgren, Macy's CEO, emphasizing that fashion "is beyond Manhattan" (possibly a stab at those who jeered at the Queens location, not that we'd know anything about that.) Then came Michael Kors alongside the ever-gorgeous Kate Hudson introducing the cast of Hair. As they performed their classic Broadway tunes, the actors were at times overshadowed by the screams behind us of "I want Anna!"

Finally the Vogue editor arrived, fashionably late and sporting her classic smirk. She deprived the crowd of a speech, but Mayor Bloomberg was on hand to instill a mood of optimism about New York City's economy. He emphasized that FNO was created to not only help the 911 memorial fund and AIDS-related charities, but to also "help an industry that is the backbone of our city." Other highlights of the field trip: The many people around us asking "Anna who?" and an appearance from PETA, or at least one loud activist who hollered during the speeches.

As for the Vogue pop-up shop, it was understocked and expensive yet featured many lead designers (Michael Kors obviously being one of them). Other labels such as DKNY, Calvin Klein, See by Chloe and many more were showcased in a theme of candy red, dark orange, black and white. Prices ranged anywhere from $120 to $450 for a Michael Kors leather jacket. We don't know how much they actually sold, but we're hoping we'll find out.—Lauren Frankfort
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