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Project Runway Top Ten: Revenge of the Models

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Once again it's time for our Project Runway recap feature, in which comedy writer Bonnie Datt counts down the top ten moments of the latest episode.

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Welcome to episode four of Project Runway, where it's revenge of the models—that is, the week the models become the clients. The gals have an important party to attend (which conveniently, we can only view if we tune in to Runway's new sister show, Models of the Runway) and each designer must create a party frock to their model's specifications, even if those specifications vividly define the word "tasteless."

Any designer who has watched past seasons of Project Runway knows that you don't need to keep your "client" happy, you just need to keep the judges happy. But obviously not all our designers have done their viewing homework. And this week, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are both gone, making the case that perhaps this move to LA was not all that well thought out. Our poor designers are left in the hands of a slew of guest judges, one of whom is obviously looking to make an impression with her bitchery.

This week's winner is Althea, whose suit which must have looked a lot better in person than the sloppy mess we saw on our screens. And once again it'ss three strikes you're aufed for one of our designers as Qristyl finally departs, giving our computer's spell-check some much needed relief.

This week's Top Ten Moments of Greatness:

10). Shirin’s model requests a royal blue and gold jumpsuit. Wisely, Shirin avoids making a Supergirl costume.

9). Logan’s hair is greasier than ever—a tragically missed opportunity for more Garnier Fructis product placement.

8). Althea calls a smoking jacket a "cigarette jacket."

7). Johnny tells us that designing for his model "is like designing for myself if I was a black girl." He’s sober.

6). Heidi is stunned when Carol Hannah says "y’all," apparently because Heidi is unfamiliar with accents.

5). This episode’s Michael substitute is designer Marc Bower. Or a shrunken Austin Scarlett.

4). Heidi blames years of working for Victoria’s Secret for her belief that breasts should be "perky" and "in the right spot," after runway jiggles and sags illuminate the need for a Victoria’s Secret Bra Wall.

3). Guest judge Jennifer Rade is rude to many of the competitors, but not to Logan, unless you consider hitting on a designer during the judging process rude.

2). Irina says, "Althea's suit would look nicer if it were stapled together." Mean girls everywhere add this line to their repertoire.

1). Bottom three regular Qristyl declares, "It was a little too soon for me to be eliminated." She's sober.

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