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On the Runway: Rag & Bone's Military Prep

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Rag & Bone's runway show, on 27th Street and Tenth Avenue, was star-studded enough that we developed temporary celebrity blindness and utterly failed to place Elijah Wood. He looked so familiar—weren't we always seeing him around? (Wasn't he that guy who was always, you know, fighting orcs?) We didn't catch Jimmy Fallon, a la last year, but we did see a slew of fashion-world boldface names like Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Elle's Kate Lanphear, and tiny fashion blogger/Pop cover girl Tavi. Charlize Theron, Jessica Stam, and Jessica Szohr were also there.

But enough with the celebrities: Let's discuss the collection. Twitterer TAFBUYING called the look "Civil warwear," and we don't disagree. Cutaway military jackets and a sepia color palette called to mind Union soldiers (in regulation wedges, at least for the ladies) but we also saw the same spring trends coming through, especially that ubiquitous big-on-top-skinny-on-the-bottom silhouette. The waffle-print long-john pants particularly struck us; they looked like a cross between Alexander Wang's luxe sweats, the harem pants of last year, and the sort of long underwear that members of Pearl Jam wore under their jean shorts and combat boots in about 1993. Being Rag and Bone, all of this was completely wearable, and while none of it was exactly bursting with joy, we'd be happy to wear it ourselves.
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