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And We're Off! Greetings from Lovely Bryant Park

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Fashion Week Spring 2010 has a travel theme, which makes a lot of sense, since we're going to spend the next week traveling between the Mercedes-Benz shows at Bryant Park and the Milk Studios shows in the Meatpacking District. We'll hit Milk later today for Vena Cava, LAMB, and Jen Kao, but we're starting off old-school style at the tents.

First impressions after a quick walk-around: Things feel a little subdued this year, though maybe it's just the weather. We haven't spotted a Havaianas booth yet, but the same ladies in the same red dresses are handing out the same chocolate-covered biscuits that we're inevitably going to wind up eating six of for lunch. The biggest change so far is the press lounge, which is no longer buried in an airless room downwind of the bathrooms. Instead, it's in a marginally more pleasant walled-off space directly adjacent to the main room. This is a little inside-baseball, we know, but it also signals a sea change: Fashion Week is finally taking bloggers (and Twitterers, and other on-site reporters) seriously.
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