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Milking It: Vena Cava's Riviera '80s

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This year, the tents at Bryant Park have a new rival: Milk Studios, the Meatpacking District space where all the younger, hipper brands seem to be showing. Welcome to our new Fashion Week feature Milking It, starring every show we catch on west 15th Street.

The first person we saw at Vena Cava's hybrid runway show/presentation this morning was British style blogger Susie Bubble, wearing a blue flowered headpiece and Michael Angel leggings. Not long after, Paper blogger Julie Frakes showed up wearing what looked like a coat from the Pendleton x Opening Ceremony collaboration. Clearly, this was a scene.

The show began in relatively traditional style, with models marching down a runway around a series of ladders as the Fiery Furnaces performed live. But when each model got back to the front of the runway, she took her place on or next to a ladder. Finally, each ladder had a model perched on top, leaving all of us audience members free to bum-rush the runway and photograph the details. Thank goodness, because the details were lovely: Purple lips, blue nails, silver reflective platform booties, a vest made of oversized safety pins. The clothes were glamorous in an old-school, drinks-by-the-Mediterranean sort of way, but with an 80's punk edge. We saw backless flowing robes over leather pants, corset mini-dresses paired with sunglasses and sun visors, and one pair of high-waisted shorts that, for a moment, made us believers.
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