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Heather Mills' Fashion Line Debut A Dreadful Disaster

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It was supposed to be eco-friendly, wearable, and affordable, and yet Heather Mills' Be@One clothing line is the reason why we have such terms like "hot mess." In a move straight out of Zoolander?think the "Derelicte" fashion line by Mugatu?Mills showed her collection of recycled clothing fashions at a Celebrity Catwalk event last week in Hollywood.

Sincerely praying that this is not the future of eco-fashion, we thank the heavens that it didn't happen in New York during Fashion Week, because the show ended up being embarrassing for all involved.

The reviews of the show say it best; too bad Cathy Horyn wasn't there to give it the Armani treatment. Nonetheless, the Daily Mail UK is pretty blunt:

She's on a one-woman mission to change the world, but Heather Mills may have gone too far with her latest venture. The infamous vegan and animal rights campaigner has just released a new fashion line of recycled and re-modelled pieces. But far from converting people to her cause, the bizarre looking clothes could drive them back into the arms of big business.

Oh, burn. Even Treehugger and Ecorazzi, champions of all things green, are ashamed:

'Laughably horrid' is not something you want to hear after your first catwalk. Unfortunately, we have to agree that nobody we know would ever flaunt this stuff — something that goes against Mills’ goal of 'highly wearable' clothing for the the 'assertive, fashionable and eco-conscious person.' Seriously, some of these outfits scream “Austin Powers couture” and less something I’d pick up for a night on the town.

Let this be a valuable lesson for celebrities out there looking to keep their names in papers by whipping up a fashion line. Just say no.
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