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Critical Shopper

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If you're the kind of guy for whom skinny jeans and slim cut tees prove anxiety producing, then the New York Times' Critical Shopper has found just the store for you: John Bartlett in the West Village. "I felt as if I were being set up on a date — with the merchandise," Mike Albo says of the unpretentious store's stock. And, fortunately for Albo, the date is a successful one (matters weren't hurt by the fact that "most everything was 30 percent off"). Even though some of the clothing doesn't fit Albo's style, he "would go on a second date with someone wearing" it; after all, "these are safe clothes you can imagine settling down with." And, since painted-on duds aren't exactly your thing anyway, there's always the Corner Bistro and Magnolia to satisfy whatever appetite you work up shopping. [NYT]