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The Alexander McQueen Sale Continues

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Today being the final day of the epic Alexander McQueen sale and all, we're hoping for discounts and restocking. Although you can expect a report from us after we hit up the dregs of the sale in the early afternoon, let's look to the comments on previous posts for clues.

From Commenter #19: "They are starting to mark down some of the shoes. Yellow stickers are $50 (yeah, right, there's nothing in that price range) and going up to $200 ... I was in the women's dressing room and heard the joyous sound of boxes of merch being torn open so assume they are re-stocking something."

From Commenter #41: "Was skeptical of the sale but went anyway for the heck of it: all my favorite men's pieces that were at Barneys were all 80% off! I was elated...for $1,000 I got 7 pieces that are really classic and not too trendy..."

From Commenter #46: "...The bags are already up on eBay at double the price or more ... that's where you'll find 'em now."

Stay tuned later on today for our last look at the sale, one which is definitely going down in NYC sample sale history. God save McQueen, indeed.
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