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Spot Check: Last Chance At The McQueen Sale

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Alert: You have one more hour to shop the sale; it closes at 6pm today.

We have survived the awesomeness that is the Alexander McQueen sample sale for the third time in two days, and again we bring you tales of triumph and joy. Nonetheless, there is some less than thrilling news to impart first:

· The shoe discounts of this morning were discontinued and shoes are back up to 80% off retail
· There have been no discounts
· Some prices have been raised (ex: skull scarf was $60, now $62 and large purses were $300, now $400)
· Most women's shoe sizes are between 36-39 in McQueen and between 5-7 for PUMA

Now on to the fun stuff:

· There is still an abundance of great stuff to be had. For anyone who previously drooled over a fractals dress, their sale price is now between $300-$500.
· No line either at the outdoor entrance or at the sale entrance on the 4th floor
· We snagged yet another silk skull scarf (although now at $62) and more accessories, like fur charms and keychains, have popped up and are about $25
· The table full of T-shirts and leggings is still covered, and T-shirts are all $50 while leggings are down from the $800s to around $120.
· Denim for men and women is $100
· People are actually purchasing clothing. We saw men trying on and then buying full suits, women with three or four dresses, and of course shoes.
· There are still bags, clutches, wallet, jewelry, ties, belts and sunglasses. Just keep in mind that the large bags took the $100 price hike to $400.

Oh, McQueen sale, you have made many people happy in these two days. We have no doubt that there were many first-time McQueen buyers in the crowd, and we fully expect to see a Fashion Week full of skull scarves.
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