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Live at the Alexander McQueen Sample Sale!

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And we're live from the Metropolitan Pavilion at 123 West 18th Street, where shortly—9am, to be exact—the doors will open on Alexander McQueen's first big sample sale. Adding to the fun: a casting call for the next Sex and the City movie, taking place, oh, in the same freaking building. Shall we liveblog this? Of course we shall liveblog this. We turn now to our operative, Cynthia Drescher, live on the scene:

8:38am: We're here, and—a bit disappointed! This is all of the McQueen line! Like 30 people?! The recession or a lazy Tuesday?

8:40am: If you think you aren't 'socialite' enough for the SATC auditions, think again. The lines of women here and their various male emotional supports represent the rainbow in terms of age, race, body, and taste in fashion.

8:45am: Three news trucks are here: channels 4, 5 and another unmarked. The McQueen line is mainly regulars, familiar with met pavilion sales and thus armed with coffee and a copy of amNY.

8:53am. Mcq line has doubled. Now 60-70 people and a girl toward front of line wearing a Diane Von Furstenburg dress in a same pattern as the DVF google theme. Ha! She's dressed like a search engine.

8:56am: Public service announcement! To anyone taking cabs in Chelsea or driving today: avoid West 18th Street. The metal queues for SATC reach three deep into the street and there are cops like crazy. Looks like they'll be searching bags for SATC people.

8:59am: Hopefully we'll go into McQueen any moment now. Noted: a couple of Russian women in line with thick accents. Line for McQueen still ridiculously short compared to Hermes and Jimmy Choo sales; current tally: no more than 80 people.

9:05am: Some confusion in the line, but—going in now! Oh, one last thing: there's a girl in line for SATC all gothed up in black ribbon corset and tulle skirt. Alright, more from McQueen when we emerge, hopefully victorious.

10:05am: Did we really just spend an hour in there? It's an AWESOME sale. And get this: when we left, there was no line outside.

11:00am: The review of inside the sale has been posted here. Remember that sales like this are one of the many reasons why you live in New York.

Metropolitan Pavillion

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