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Above The Fray: Alexander McQueen's First Sample Sale

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Need we say more than all bags are $300 and ties are $40 and everything is a solid 80% off of retail? Perhaps one of the best sales we've ever attended, the Alexander McQueen blowout at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea was a heaven this morning for sale die-hards.

Whole collections are represented here for both men and women; want those woodgrain or fractal leggings and alll of the clothing to match? It's here. They even have the McQueen x Puma shoe collection, and at prices of 80% off retail of around $255, it's totally doable.

When we left, there was no line outside but the registers were having major issues and the wait to check out was a good 20-30 minutes; this killed it for us and we gruelingly put back our choice items in order to dash out and report; more for you.

Best buys of the sale: Shoes and bags, hands down. The most "it" items are the biggest steals here, and shoes run the gamut from sandals to diabolical pumps to boots. If you know the retail (shoes average $800), then take 80% off and you're golden. It's easily justifiable if you think that people regularly pay $200 for new shoes at stores like Aldo and ahhem?Uggs.

Curious as to who was reaping the benefits of being any early bird this morning? Oh, just some Russian women, some Meatpacking District sales associates, a few fashion people sprinkled here, some who were obviously "stylists," a woman who wore McQueen to the McQueen sale?like wearing a band T-shirt to their concert?and some determined bargain shoppers who stood in the checkout line glowing and allowing envious others to pet their purchases.

For those who have specific desires in mind, put your questions in the comments and we'll keep checking back to impart our observations; it's impossible to detail every piece inside. Good luck and don't forget to skim our live lineblog from earlier this morning.
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