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Spot Check: Lunchtime At The Alexander McQueen Sale

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There is now no doubt that the Alexander McQueen sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion is popular and positive; once you scoot around the hoard of Sex and The City hopefuls and hit the 4th floor sale, you'll notice smiles on faces and armloads of beautiful clothing and bags.

Since there is still no outdoor line, we checked back in at 1:30 and can report that register problems persist and the line to check out can be daunting. Don't lose your job over this; you've got to pay for your purchases somehow, but a seeemingly endless supply of discounted McQueen is tempting.

Yes, we said "seemingly endless." Word on tomorrow is that they'll continue to restock today throughout tomorrow so long as they have the product to keep it flowing. We did however spot a woman in line purchasing five bags.

Sadly they're staying mum on discounts, but then we could have just been asking too many questions for their tastes. If you've got an inside intel, do tell in the comments.

One last word for the men: Many, many well-dressed guys showed up to the sale during lunch and we have to say that you are looking good. Our purchases were all from menswear in order to gift our friends. Watch out for the $57 McQueen x PUMA high-tops. We left with two dress shirts, a silk skull scarf, the smoke tie, and the aforementioned high-tops for just under $500. And we're set to be the best gift-giver come Christmas.
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