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Hangover Observations: Chairlift in Marc at Saks

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Trust us—you didn't just drink too much on Friday night. That actually was Brooklyn dream pop outfit Chairlift—comprised of members Aaron Pfenning, Caroline Polachek, and Patrick Wimberly—performing to a throng of smartly dressed music- and Marc Jacobs-lovers on the fifth floor of Saks on Saturday afternoon. It was the Mix It Up Songs With Style Shopping Day—a partnership between the band, the store and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Clad in Marc and set up in the middle of the sales floor, the Kanine Records trio played the tracks "Planet Health," "Le Flying Saucer Hat," "Evident Utensil" and "Bruises" (the jam that made them an international sensation thanks to that iPod commercial) from their debut full length Does You Inspire You. During the set, a series a mini-music videos were projected on loop—the band spent one day filming the shorts in Red Hook before jetting off to Germany for a show while someone with a slightly less glamorous job spent several days adding running captions to each scene detailing every scrap of fall '09 Marc by Marc ready to wear captured in the filming.

Purchasers of that new Marc merchandise were greeted with free iTunes music mixes and other Marc goodies. Those too broke to be purchasing anything were greeted with free pastel purple squirts of frozen yogurt in paper cups. Nonetheless, the vibe was delightful and the audience so hip and attractive we nearly forgot we were in midtown on a rainy Saturday. Then we got stuck on a D train inexplicably running on the F-line crammed up against a soaking wet woman in nylon cargo capris and a tee shirt reading "I Hate Mayonnaise". —Frank Gargione
· Four Original Chairlift-in-Marc Videos [Saks]

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