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Kate Moss Sets Topshop on Fire—Just Not Literally

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Yesterday, blogger Alex Geana snapped a photo of firemen coming out of Topshop. Today, Kate Moss's fall collection debuts in the store. We'd love to report that the new clothes are so hot that the store started smoking, but our investigation reveals that the two events are unrelated. There was no fire at Topshop yesterday, according to the saleswoman we talked to—the store just has an oversensitive alarm, and every time it goes off, the FDNY has to come out. As for the new collection, it consists mainly of overtly sexy, studded and sequined rock-chick dresses with the occasional grandmotherly Fair Isle sweater thrown in. Topshop doesn't yet have the full line, but they're happy to place orders for the missing items if you ask. In any case, they expect the rest will be in by the end of the week.
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