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RackedWire: American Apparel Takes On Tie-Dye; Duane Reade Improves Itself

Images via <a href="">American Apparel</a>
Images via American Apparel

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EVERYWHERE—When Kate Moss created tie-dyed jeans for Topshop, we mocked them, but we sort of secretly understood their appeal. Now that American Apparel has jumped on the bandwagon, though, we're back to being baffled. (Amusing side note: This came in from a tipster who said she saw it on We spent 15 minutes trying to find the text about American Apparel before we realized it was an ad. But seriously, lots of people drunk-text about fashion...don't they?) [American Apparel]

CENTRAL VILLAGE—People like to complain about Duane Reade—sometimes in creative ways!—but as one reader points out, they really are trying to improve. He writes: "Thought you might want to know about the new Duane Reade concept store that just got renovated on Broadway between 8th and 9th. I'm normally not a big fan (and often go out of my way to go the Walgreens on Astor Place) but this place is pretty sweet. They have had their exec in the store inspecting it almost every time I've been in there for the last couple of weeks. It looks great. Now if they can just train their workers to be nice, the transformation will be complete." [RackedWire; Previously]