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Project Runway Top Ten: The Pregnancy Challenge

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Join us, won't you, in our new Project Runway recap feature, in which comedy writer Bonnie Datt counts down the top ten moments of last night's show.

Images via Lifetime

It’s Week Two of Project Runway, and the gang is back with yet another special celebrity judge—Rebecca Romijn. Thankfully, unlike Lindsay Lohan, Rebecca is not shilling her own fashion designs. Instead she’s here to shill pregnancy.

Yes, for some reason, despite the fact that our girl Heidi seems like she’s competing with the Octomom for number of babies birthed, the show felt the need to bring in a pregnant guest star for this maternity clothing challenge.

This week’s winner was Shirin, who managed to impress us by making a fully lined coat and a beautiful dress—which all the judges thought were very wearable. And for the second week in a row, the judges got rid of one of the whackadoodle contestants, instead of keeping them for drama’s sake. We bid goodbye to Malvin and his “conceptual” chicken and egg dress.

And now, for Racked’s Weekly Top Ten Moments of Project Runway Greatness:

10. Tim Gunn does Lamaze-like breathing exercises with the non pregnant Qristyl to try to keep her from getting too panicky, again, at Mood. “Breath! Breath!”

9. Our substitute judge, gown designer Monique Lhuillier, is not orange.

8. Epperson, a father who should have known better, creates a maternity jumpsuit despite the fact that pregnant women‘s bladders need to be emptied. A lot.

7. Last season’s beyond-hilarious designer Stella and her “Leatha” are referred to after one of this season’s contestants uses a hammer.

6. Johnny coaches his model in her runway walk, yet she still walks badly.

5. Heidi puts her arm around puffily pregnant Rebecca Romijn—possibly so we can see how much thinner Heidi looks.

4. Mitchell sends a dress down the runway that is such a mess that it negates all of the blame he put on his model for last week’s disaster.

3. Ra’Mon, who supposedly studied medicine before he became a fashion designer, describes the stages of a woman’s pregnancy as “semesters.”

2. The normally decorous Tim Gunn makes fun of one designer’s work to another, because the dress is just that ridiculous.

1. Malvin decides his conceptual design, based on the chicken and the egg, is a good idea, then blames “America” instead of the judges or his own crazy vision when he gets auffed.