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Before the Fray: Inside the Jimmy Choo Preview

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Your fearless Racked correspondent plunged into the Jimmy Choo sale preview this morning at the Metropolitan Pavilion, determined to bring back details on the goods. She was so eager, in fact, that she somehow missed the line of 20 people waiting outside and breezed right in—a move that revealed a brief glimpse of a fantasyland of Choos and no shoppers, until she was apprehended and sent back to wait as staffers finished the set up.

So here's the scoop: Past season shoes are toward the back left and organized by size (35-42 and half sizes). One pair goes for $250, two pairs for $450, three for $600, and boots for $350. So the two and three pairs deals are slightly better than the last sale. There are also tables (on the right) of spring '09 and cruise shoes organized by style and priced as marked (averaging about $250 a pair.) The python stilettos and platforms were the most eye-catching at $280.

Some bags are $600 and small leather goods $200. Most bags seemed to be from the spring '09 and cruise lines so those range from $220 for a studded clutch (hot!) to $805 for patent shoulder bags) Damaged items were actually not that damaged, but will probably be gone by the time the public sale hits. Just in case, pricing is $75 for shoes, $150 for boots and $175 for bags. There is also a limited selection of press shoes and bags all individually priced (in the middle of the room)—that area was quickly being decimated as well. The press and damaged items are limited, but staffers will replenish the rest of the stock throughout the day.

The VIP preview was surprisingly calm, although shoppers were rushed and buying, but some were heard lamenting that the selection was better at the last sale. But anything for a pair of Choos, right? So shoppers, jack up the SPF and good luck this afternoon in line! —Fawnia Soo Hoo
·Dealfeed: Jimmy Choo [Racked]

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