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Lineblogging: Heat Wave Won't Stop Choo Fanatics

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Last time Jimmy Choo held a sample sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea, it resulted in perhaps the biggest retail shitshow of the year thus far. Will the insanity return this year? We've got a correspondent embedded in the line right now to report. While you wait for news to roll in, check out our preview from this morning, which is replete with details on pricing and stock.

12:48pm: Compared to the last sale, the line isn't that bad. It ends right at Sixth Avenue.

12:55pm: It's of course one of the hottest days of the year, but ladies will do anything for their Choos. Industrious and stylish shoppers are carrying colorful umbrellas, and I spotted one Chinese fan.

1:00pm: It looks like they're still admitted guests from the VIP sale this morning, because the same frazzled door guy is checking people off the list and the line is already moving.

1:03pm: The line is now around the corner on Sixth. There is also a weird freak iPhone blocking signal that is keeping line-waiters from communicating with the outside world. Crisis!

1:08pm: One lady heard giving up because the bags are $600.

1:10pm: Only one guy in line (with his girlfriend or wife) and I just spotted a stroller. Good luck with that!

1:13pm: AT&T is killing me (and the two girls in front of me.) I'm seeing lots of girls in flip flops, but also some in sky-high stilettos. Guess they have to dress the part.

1:14pm: The line is moving now!

1:17pm: The ladies are getting antsy. Security is trying to move the line out of the shade against the wall, but that's where the sun hits. One guard just said that they're at capacity (250 people or so) and will let guests in as previous ones leave.

1:18pm: Fancy bags in line with me: Fendi, Gucci, D&G, and some nice python ones too.

1:21pm: Ooh, two very satisfied girls just came out with big shopping bags. Cue squeals of delight behind me.

1:25pm: This is clearly a perfect time for Gustto to promote their sample sale. Lady is handing out fliers: 60% off and samples if anyone is interested.

1:28pm: Spotted another guy! He was in mid-yawn and I think he's here with female family members. The line is now a quarter of the way down Sixth.

1:32pm: The lady behind me just gave up and left.

1:36pm: I think the girl in front of me is wearing denim bike shorts. Is this the next step from jeggings?

1:38pm: Just overheard from a girl trailing behind her determined friends: "Are we sure we want to do this?"

1:48pm: Girls in front of me just offered to sell their spots for $50. They're also taking song requests to play on their iPhone speaker. Line is arounf the block almost at 19th Street. Just moved a few steps.

1:52pm: Just noticed a girl in line is wearing a leather skirt. She looks hot both literally and figuratively.

1:55pm: Mother-daughter team exiting. Good way to bond!

2:00pm: More people complaining about the price of bags. There are three people in front of me now—I'm almost in. Have to admit I'm a little scared of what I'll find in there.

2:02pm: I'm so in! Aaaa, air conditioning. Taking stairs up to 4.

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Metropolitan Pavillion

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