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Rants: If It's 60% Off on Gilt, Someone Will Buy It

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Our post about the sold-out three-fingered gloves on Gilt yesterday inspired an epic response in the comments section from a reader who's proud never to have succumbed to the site's siren call. In full:

I could have a tri-sleeved, single pant leg jumpsuit and it would sell out. As long as it gives the false impression that SOMEONE WILL BUY IT IF YOU DON' they do with all their products. I peruse the website on a nearly daily basis and still feel proud of the fact that I've never purchased a single item off it. I just find it amusing when Thom Browne skirt-suits, 3 fingered mittens, and hideous cutlery in the shape of a woodland creature sells out in a matter of minutes. But's 60% off!!!!! I love how during this recession, people haven't changed the monetary amount they've spent on material products. They just buy a lot more discounted junk that requires no research, pragmatism, or consumer reasoning (as in, DO I REALLY NEED THIS??). But's 60% off.
Of course, it's impossible to know how many Gilt has of any one item, so maybe the three-fingered gloves sold out because one eccentric bought the first and only pair. More importantly: Cutlery in the shape of a woodland creature? How did we miss this?
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