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Now Open: LTJ Arthur Makes An Honest Store Out Of Bleecker's Corner

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Looks like somebody isn't happy with their location in the Plaza Hotel Shops; French luxury brand LTJ Arthur has mercifully rescued the dilapidated storefront at the corner of Bleecker and Christopher Streets in the West Village; the space formerly known as a Bleecker's Corner Grocery and what happens to be one of the oldest buildings in Greenwich Village (1802, represent!).

Arthur, whose first US store was on Madison Avenue and also has a small space down in the Plaza Shops where only crickets can be heard, is known for their children's sleepwear and swimwear, as well as for carrying charentaise lounge slippers.

Of course we can't neglect to mention their original focus: underwear. We're just happy that someone finally rescued that corner, which we briefly thought for at time would be the Black Fleece shop, until they arrived a block further up Bleecker.
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