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Is Puma Planning Big Things For Soho?

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Just over six months ago, we wondered if John Varvatos' line for Converse was looking to flip the old Te Casan store into a shop of their own. Turns out that it was just primo ad space for the brand during last Fashion Week, and we find ourselves wondering if this is the same case for the above Puma advertising at Broome and Greene in Soho.

The corner building, across the street from Catherine Malandrino and the SICIS mosaic showroom, is plastered with confusing purple Puma ads. Each panel features the same girl, who holds up various signs with such sayings as "looking for person with less than 50 partners."

We don't get it. Are they encouraging people to apply for sales associate jobs at the Union Square store? Are they going to move into this Soho building, which would be a larger space than their current shop on Broadway, and are thus recruiting? Or is it all just some sort of attempt by Puma to be hip in getting the attention of pedestrians?

For what it's worth, we're going to put our money on it being an advertisement, although a Puma at this corner would sure liven things up.
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