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Now (Almost) Open: Stussy Steals Union's Spring Spot

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One year to the day that the closure of the Stüssy flagship on Wooster Street was announced, the streetwear brand will re-open at a new location on Spring Street. The space, which was up until recently another revered streetwear label, Union NYC, is far smaller than what Stüssy is used to, but a recession is a recession.

Union has been at the 176 Spring Street storefront for twenty years, so why give up now? Well you see, Union and Stüssy are owned by the same guy: James Jebbia, who?surprise,surprise?also owns skateboard brand Supreme (which has a a newly renovated store on Lafayette).

Although we doubted that Stüssy would ever return, it seems that Jebbia has only had to do some shuffling to resurrect its New York presence. Our sneak peek into the space above reveal a spartan interior; the age of highly conceptualized streetwear stores is over. Now if only Bape would get the message.

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