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Soho Sidewalk's Best-Seller: Obama Condoms

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If you put Barack Obama's face on an object, someone out there is going to buy it. Nothing illustrated this basic rule of economics more succinctly than the crowd that gathered around a street vendor selling Obama condoms in Soho this Sunday. Writes a tipster: "The most popular item seemed to be those dubbed 'The Ultimate Stimulus Package.' Those labeled with the warning 'Hope is NOT a Form of Protection' came in a close second. The ladies liked the 'Hope Flavored for Your Hard Times' package. Bringing up the rear were the McCain Condoms ('Old, but Not Expired)." Judging from the company's website, this is a "Isn't it funny to juxtapose the president with a prophylactic?" move, and not a "Those dern liberals can't keep it in their pants" sort of thing, but we do wonder what Michelle would think.
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