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Spot Check: Gifts for Arty Tourists at Areaware

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Blank Sl8, the pop-up hosting space adjacent to Port Authority, is currently hosting Areaware's "Design to Go" travel store. The store specializes in things New Yorkers might want to take to other places, like printed tote bags and clear neon water bottles, and souvenirs for strange, arty tourists, like a test tube containing a single feather from a New York pigeon, tagged and labeled with the spot the feather came from. Those pigeon feathers come from American Design Club and cost $20.

Areaware's famous STRiDA folding bicycles are there, of course, and the shop staff was riding them around the store when we walked in, which did look like fun. There is plenty of swag from Jack Spade, The Future Perfect and Kiosk. We were tempted by a table full of small, purse-sized notebooks from Phaidon, and a wonderfully creepy take on those "I Love New York" T's from Ross Menuez's Salvor Project.Elizabeth Licata
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