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Spot Check: Good Morning, Barneys Warehouse Sale!

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And we're back at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. You really didn't think we'd let it be after the first few hours, did you? Of course not. It is surprise after surprise for us this year as not only has there been little to no line to enter or check bags, but also the layout has been switched around, not to mention that clothing is arranged by brand rather than size (hallelujah).

Since it's arranged by brand, you can however be quickly disappointed that the Rick Owens section is empty of Rick Owens and the Balenciaga rack is full of items from several seasons back, including pants we distinctly remember from February's sale.

Actually, we recognized much from sales past, including old Pierre Hardy shoes and even the MiuMiu teacup heels, and yet prices had not been severely lowered.

This year, the sale seems to be stocked with the more expensive items, finding any womens' shoes under $250 takes some serious dedication; mean price looks to be $400, and laying down dollars like that for one item is not, dear friends, why we come to a Warehouse sale. We did fall for a diabolical pair of Givenchy heels however, but their $500+ sale pricetag made them rejoin their comrades on the shelf.

Of course, each sale must have its Kate Moss for Topshop?that hyped collaboration, originally priced very high and now available in heaps at 90% off because they just want it gone. This time, it's Lanvin for Acne; denim blazers and jackets are down to under $200 from $1,095, and denim dresses can be had for the same. If you are looking to buy something, anything, Lanvin, this is it.

Meanwhile in menswear, the scene is less chaotic than we are used to, and the abundance of Barneys staffers are doing an excellent job of keeping the shoe shelves organized. This, however, means that they are constantly in the way of determined shoppers.

One other note: they have cracked down on photography this year. We brought out the iPhone for this mission, and still got reprimanded, so our apologies for the lack of awesome pictures. Blame Barneys' staffers attempts to conceal the identities of their unwanted shoe stock.
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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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