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Store Sidekicks: Francis at Brooklyn's Book Court

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Yesterday evening, a few blocks down Court Street in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill from a giant Barnes & Noble, we ambled into the charming little bookstore Book Court. This is one of those local businesses that people always plea for shoppers to visit so that chains are delayed in taking over the retail world.

It has all of the atmosphere that one would expect from a little bookstore: benches to sit and read, neighborhood residents stopping in with their dogs for a quick browse, and the bookstore's cat sleeping atop a spread of new releases. This spoiled feline is Francis, and he's straight off the Brooklyn streets.

Found wandering the neighborhood several years ago by Book Court's owners, Francis has since adapted to a sedentary life amongst the paperbacks. Beloved by children and regular shoppers, Francis is described as a "stoner cat" for his laid-back style and love of catnaps.

Nonetheless, Book Court is his home and when awake, he keeps watch over the store from his perch on the information counter. He might not be able to help you find any of Jonathan Lethem's books, but he will gladly sit on them.
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