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RackedWire: Bensimon Preview on the UWS; Project Runway's Ratings Soar

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UPPER WEST SIDE—Bensimon's adorable little French tennis shoes can be hard to find in New York, especially towards the end of the season, so we're very excited about this weekend's Bensimon fall preview at Tani. From noon to 6pm on Saturday, the store will be showing off Bensimon's 12 limited-edition colors and styles for Fall/Winter '09; get there after 2pm, and you can sip champagne as you shop. Tani is located at 131 W. 72nd between Broadway and Columbus, and we suggest getting there early, since Bensimon fans are famously voracious for the shoes. [Racked Inbox]

TELEVISION—Last night's Project Runway premiere was the highest rated show in the history of Lifetime. We know, you're all "Yeah, because it's Lifetime," but consider this: It was also the highest rated premiere of the show, ever. Maybe all the weird lawsuit news worked in their favor, somehow? [RackedWire]


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