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Lineblogging: The Faithful Wait Outside Barneys

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It's that time again. At 8:00 this morning, Barneys will throw open the doors of 255 W. 17th Street, and a horde of early risers will storm the racks. Will the sale be worth the wait? As always, we've got a correspondent on the scene, and we'll be posting updates as they roll in.

6:59am: Good morning! I'm here a little early, but about ten beat me here. An equal mix of men and women are sitting and chilling out reading. Oh! Five people just got out of a cab. The line is getting longer.

7:03am: Staff just put the big sign at the entrance so passersby will know why a bunch of well-dressed people are sitting on the street at 7am.

7:05am: A girl who looks like she's a blogger (camera around her neck, frantically writing in a notebook) was just approached by a staffer fresh from exiting a cab asking if she's going to post anything. Might have to go in stealth.

7:15am: Most of the newcomers in line are young, professional dudes in ties. Interesting.

7:19am: Aww. One of those button-down guys just came and met his mom in line. She's been holding the spot for at least 15 minutes.

7:24am: More guys. It's like a sea of blue shirts. I should call some single girlfriends.

7:28am: Almost at the half-hour mark. People are waking up and conversation is starting to buzz. The two girls behind me sound like NYC Prep. And the line is now about halfway down 17th Street.

7:32am: Two best looks so far: A pixie girl in a white tunic sleeveless embroidered-front dress, and another girl in beat-up denim shorts, a slouchy grey tee, and a black leather rocker vest.

7:35am: Ooh! Fox News is up front. Maybe I'll be on TV.

7:38am: Staffers just brought out a big ugly trash bin and put it right behind the newscaster. Oops.

7:41am: A roving espresso cart would make a killing here. [We have this thought every year. Mud Truck, are you listening?—ed]

7:42am: The line is getting close to Seventh Ave.

7:45am: The Fox 5 News camera is pointed on the NYC-Prep-sounding girls behind me, and now he's filming the rest of the line. They're going live at 7:50 (or so I overheard) so turn on the TV soon!

7:48am: Now everyone in camera range is standing and trying to give their best TV angle.

7:50am: The super nice guy behind me is getting excited and tells me he's here specifically for shoes. So it's not just the ladies.

7:52am: Eight minutes to go. Line is at Eighth Avenue.

7:56am: Fox 5 newscaster just failed in her attempt at starting a "line wave." Guess w're all too cool. Now she's interviewing someone in front. They keep saying the word "leggings."

7:58am: First in line is Mark from Long Island. He must have gotten up really early.

8:00am: And we're in! Updates from inside the sale, complete with pricing, continue right here.

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