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Project Runway, Reviewed

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Today's a big day in possibly-disappointing fashion events: The Barneys sale launched this morning (as you may have noticed) and Project Runway's first Lifetime season airs tonight. The Times review confirms everyone's fears: "'Project Runway' is Barneys; Lifetime is Kohl’s. The cable outfit that broadcasts 'Army Wives' and 'Reba' reruns maintains an ethos that says, 'Viewer, I see your cellulite; I’m down with your fibromyalgia; I know your menopausal misery.' Strikingly, however, while 'Project Runway has been decidedly non-ageist in the past, drawing from designers at different stages in their careers, the current season is loaded with the unwrinkled: 9 of the 16 competitors are under 30, possibly a function of the fact that the casting is now conducted by Bunim/Murray, producers of 'The Real World.'" So does that mean we can expect more drunken hot tub make-out scenes? [NYT]