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Collabs: Topshop Announces a Double-Whammy

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It's far too hot for anyone to think too hard about autumn right now, so just file this information away in the back of your mind until the weather cools down. Starting September 13, Topshop will host their recurring EDIT pop-up shop. In the UK, the EDIT boutique showcases dozens of young international designers from everywhere from Iceland to Hong Kong. We here in the US will only get three, but Topshop promises they're three of the best: KTZ from Macdeonia, White Trumpet from London/Paris and NAKKNA from Sweden (all pictured above).

Meanwhile, British indie label Neurotica has designed a capsule collection for the company that will launch September 6, although you can already find it online. Per the press release: "Highlights include a sparkling silver lightning print, appearing on both a body suit and a fine jersey oversized tee, a delicate bamboo repeat print on a contrast panelled vest dress and a deliciously soft oversized sweater featuring heart shaped appliqué." They do love their appliquéd sweaters over there, don't they?
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